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    Ryan Gunn - Phoenix, AZ massage therapist

    For me any massage is OMG! :-) I find it extremely sensual when someone knows how to work my body.
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    What's your favorite Christmas dessert recipe?

    Not bad, I will try that this X-mas!
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    Does anyone still read romantic novels?

    I was wondering.... Or is it too 80s when we had no graphic material back then and were forced to be left to our imagination?!
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    Hunk-O-Mania (Las Vegas)

    MY RATING: YEAY! This club is fun, Fun, FUN!!! Me and my ladies went there one night and booked a VIP table for 6 (it was the five of us). Since this is a venue, I can disclose the amount, it was $500. It included a VIP table, a bottle of champagne, VIP entry, a host and a fun show. The guys...
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    Cowboys 4 Angels - Straight Male Escort Agency

    MY RATING: NAY! The setup seemed professional so I gave it a try. I contacted them to set up a date with a male escort who seemed very professional based on his pictures. I had to submit a contact request and they mandated that we have a personal call before they finalize things. I prefer not...